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On the 18th of October in 1861, Three trustees, George Spegal, Richard Simpson & George Rouse, were deeded* land for a Methodist Church.  The property came from Sarah Elizabeth & Lilburn Crail.  George Spegal & Jeff Oliver built the original structure from logs.  

                                                                              *As recorded in Pendelton Co. KY 


Then in 1901, Arthur Yelton & Doc Golden began building the present sanctuary. Syrilda Spegal, the wife of one of the former church builders, died that December. Since the current project was unfinished, logs & stools were carried in for funeral seating. During construction, a wind storm twisted the rafters & which had to be reinforced. So, it was not until the summer of 1902 that the church ~ named after the first pastor, Rev. Carter ~ was officially dedicated. In the early years since the present sanctuary's completion, Mr. Wm. 'Billy' Spegal became Sunday School Superintendent (a position he would hold for forty-seven years). The first bride to be married in the new building was Mrs. Lydia Doud.



1903-1913. No data yet.


1914, 54th year. World War One was declared. 


1915-1917, 55th, 56th, 57th years. No data yet.


1918, 58th year. WWI, The Great War, officially ended at 11:00 AM

on November 11th.


1919-1925, 59th, 60th, 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th years. No data yet.


1926, 66th year. Covington District, KY:  Berry & Carter's Charge Methodist Episcopal Church, South ~ joint Quarterly Conference was at Berry on September 19th, 1926, after religious services conducted by J. L. Clark, who also presided over that meeting.  The next was held on December 12th at Carter's Chapel.  A portion of the Report to Annual Conference for both congregations lists:  two church buildings, 335 members, three local preachers, nine additions on the profession of faith, and three by certification or other.  8 Adults and two infants were baptized.  


1927, 67th year. On April 2nd, 1927 Quarterly Conference was held at Berry after religious services by Clark, who again presided. Sunday School Report to Carter's Chapel for April 3rd, 1927 - June 26th was signed by the Secretary, Miss Alliedean Doud. The church had nine officers and teachers.  Average Sunday School attendance was 63.  June 27th Quarterly Conference was held at Carter's Chapel. September 5th & October 2nd Quarterly Conferences were at Berry. 


1928, 68th year. In 1928, the Second Quarterly Conference was held at Carter's Chapel. The Third was at Berry on April 3rd. Fourth Quarterly Conference was held in July at Carter's Chapel.


1929 through 1932, 69th, 70th, 71st, 72nd years. No data yet.


1933 through 1934, 73rd, 74th years.  


Sunday School 

    In a report made to Bro. Howard's average attendance was forty since January 22nd.1933.  From the fourth Sunday in August to the fourth Sunday in October average was 35.  50 Were on a roll.  Fifth Sunday offerings went to the Orphan's Home.



Class #1  

Grace Martz, Crittenden 




Margaret Spegal, Lena Tungate, Elouise Ervin, May Peebles,   

Howard Doud, Robert Spegal,   

Lenard Spegal, Virginia Jackson,   

Ruth, Amos Patterson, David Patterson.

Class #2  

Lucy Yelton, De Mossville

Norma Erwin, Irene Peebles, Lucy Spegal, Florence Spegal,   

Grace Eckles, Lucille Spegal, Mildred, Vivian Works, Rhonea Works, Sylvia Lilley.

Class #3  

Lydia Doud, De Mossville, also Treasurer 

Bertha McMillian, Bertha Eckles, Etta Eckles, Helen Spegal, Thelma, Retta Brooks.

Class #4  

C. K. Doud, De Mossville, also Assistant SS Superintendent

C. Tungate, Wayne Bailey, Bernard Doud, Gene Spegal, Teddy Spegal, James Bailey, Omil Douard, Guy Mawn, Carl Works, Eddie Jackson, Clay Mann, Herbert McMillian,   

Herschel, Howard Doud.


        On March 30th, 1933, approximately five dollars of supplies were ordered and included ~ among others, such as Senior Quarterly, Beginners and Primary, Intermediate, Church Magazine &, etc.~ fifteen copies of Boys World at twelve cents each and fifteen copies of Girls Companion for the same price.   





 Class #5  

 Jane Works, De Mossville  

 Class #6  

R.S. Bailey, DeMossville, phone: WM.1086 


Others listed

Mrs. Jackson, E. Tungate, De Mossville - Librarian, Asa McMillian, De Mossville - Librarian, James Bailey, De Mossville Assistant Secretary   Beulah Crail, De Mossville - Secretary    W. Arthur Yelton, De Mossville - SS Superintendent  Pupils Class #5 & 6*   Nora McMillian, Ruth Bailey, Dora Tungate, Mrs. Howard,  Vinnie Gibson, Mrs. Jackson, Mollie Spegal, Rosie Works,  Mrs. A. Ervine,  Rosie (or Rollie? Leslie?) Gibson, Viola McDaniel, Rosie Works, R.S. Bailey, George Works, Andy Erwin,  Asa McMillian, Robert Gibson, Harrison Works, Allen Mann, Bill McDaniel. 

*classes/ years were listed separately but had the same names; they have been combined.



Report to Carter's Chapel from Sunday, October 5th, 1933, to January 14th, 1934, showed average annual attendance of 35; that quarter, 37.


1935 through 1937, 75th, 76th, 77th years. No data yet.


1938, 78th year. Brother Harrison was the pastor of Carter's Chapel that year.  Brother G. W. Wheeling held a revival in August. At least one person joined the church.  When Spiritual Life Covenant cards were given out, a portion read,  "In fulfillment of my obligation to Christ, I will make the following Covenant with Him, and will endeavor, so far as I am able, to observe these Habits." There was a list of things that could be checked.  "I will attend Church at least once a week. I will observe Grace at Meals in my home ..." and so forth.  Beneath the signature line was an admonition to keep the card where it could be seen daily. 


1939-1941, 79th, 80th, 81st years. No data yet.


Carter's Chapel United Methodist Church is a small country church located on the Fiskburg - Carter's Chapel - Gardnersville road in Pendelton Co., Kentucky ~ situated just across the Grant and Kenton Co. lines.  6 Miles from I-75 from the Crittenden, KY exit. The church has had capacity crowds for various events: Homecomings with Gospel Singing, most especially. The spirit of Christianity still prevails within the community.   


 Bordered on three sides by a cemetery, legible dates on stones date back to 1854.  Many graves date back to the cholera epidemics of the early 1900s.  Some tombstones can no longer be read. 

Besides Rev. Carter, pastors previously serving the charge are included:   


G.R. Tomlin, *L-R Rev. Treynor & Rev. T. P. Roberts, Rev. S. J.  Bradley, Rev. F. T. Howard, Rev. Joseph Lewis, Rev. E. Kidwell, Rev. T. O. Harrison, Rev. Valis V. Hill, Philip Tou’uley (sp?), Minister, Rev. M. Richardson, Rev. H. G. Howard, Rev. C. C. Tanner.


1942, 82nd year. Homecoming was Sunday, October 11th. 


1943, 83rd year. Rev. O. T. Harrison was the pastor at Burlington on the first & third Sundays of the month; Carter's Chapel on the second & fourth.  


     According to his letter of resignation on January 15, 1943, it was not easy for him to leave.  "...Friendships have been formed, ties have been made that will be hard to sever ..."  He said, "...But I have felt that a divine hand is leading me to the boys in the Army & so I must go...." 


     According to the one-cent postal, an offering of eleven dollars was sent to the Methodist Children's Home on June 10th; There was no route number, only the name & town.


1944, 84th year. No route number on the one-cent postcard postmarked from Versailles, KY, on November 12th, shows that an offering of twelve dollars was received.  "...Please keep your church & friends interested in our boys & girls." signed C. A. Sweazy, Supt. & Treas.


1945, 85th year. In April, fourteen dollars and fifty cents were offered to the Methodist Home, Versailles, KY. Written in ink on an August 2nd postcard addressed to a name, route number & town was an offering of eighteen dollars, fifty cents. Penciled in was thirteen dollars, seventy-two cents (probably the Sunday School's portion of the money collected by the church).


1946, 86th year. Fifth Sunday Offering to the children's home was eleven dollars, seven cents. On a Sunday in December, there were twenty Sunday School members—four in the Primary Class, five in the Intermediate  Eight in the Women & Men. Three officers & teachers were present. 


1947, 87th year.  May 18th was clear & warm.  Total class attendance was forty-one. It rained on the 25th.  The first & second Sundays in June were partly cloudy and warmer. The weather on the 15th was clear and cool; attendance was thirty.   

     According to a one-cent postal, July offering to the children's home in Versailles, KY, was eleven dollars, seven cents. August 24th was rainy & hot. On the 31st it was also hot, rainy & there was fog.  Forty attended Sunday School on September 7th.  The 28th was clear & calm; fifty-three were counted.   

     December 7th was cold & rainy.  On the 21st, the weather was fantastic, apparent. 


1948, 88th year.  January 4th was cold.  It was snowing.  Seventeen attended Sunday School.  On February 15th, class attendance was fifty.  On March 17th, the offering to the children's home was fourteen dollars, according to the one-cent postal postmarked Versailles, KY. March 21st was hot & partly cloudy by the time Sunday School rolled around.  A total of thirty were present for classes.   

     April 18th was clear & warm, with an attendance of forty-five.  On May 30th, thirty-eight. June 20th, thirty-six.  Same amount on the Fourth of July.   

     Mid-August saw forty-two. At the end of that month, thirteen dollars went to the orphan's home.  On a Sunday in the middle of September, attendance was fifty-seven & the offering was three dollars and fifty-five cents.  October 7th was rainy & cool with seventeen; total offering, ninety-nine cents.   

     Sunday, November 7th, was cold. The 21st of the month was too. Also windy. Twenty-four were in Sunday School on the Day after Christmas.


1949, 89th year.  On January 9th, 1949, forty-two attended.  February 20th saw seventeen people in Sunday School: March 27th, thirty-two. On April 24th, there were forty-seven present. On Mother's Day, May 8th, there were thirty-six.  The offering was two dollars and thirty-four cents. June 19th was a sunny Sunday.  Twenty-six attended.  July 3rd saw thirty-seven. August 28th, twenty-seven. The sky on September 11th was partly cloudy.  Thirty-five people were in Sunday School. October 30th offering was nine dollars & seventeen cents with twenty-four in attendance. The next week, the offering was a dollar, ninety-four cents. Twenty-one people were in Sunday School on Christmas Day. 


1950, 90th year. On the 1st Day of that year, the weather was fair.  Report for classes Feb. 19th noted seven in the Primary Class, seven in the Boys & Girls Class, two in the Men's, and five in the Women's. Three officers & teachers were present. Boone County Larger Parish and Youth, written by Catherine Carroll, appeared in a bimonthly issue of an official publication of the Kentucky Conference.  At the time, a yearly subscription to the magazine cost $1.00. The writer's article in The Kentucky Methodist praised Rev. V. V. Hill for his determination over the last two years ~ to enlist neighboring rural churches to organize the parish's young people. Membership originally came from Walton, Florence (a group that recently withdrew to join the Covington Urban MYF), Williamstown, Falmouth, Warsaw, and various churches of the Boone County Parish. Two other groups were added to the Sub District in 1950, Dry Ridge & Butler. Rev. R. P. Patton was then the Superintendent of the Covington District. There were seven churches & no parsonages in the Boone County Larger Parish. Twenty-three people attended Carter's Chapel Sunday School on March 26th.

April 30th saw twenty-seven. Kentucky Methodist National Family Week ran from May 7th through the 14th.  May 21st was sunny.  Pastors’ School at KY Wesleyan College, Winchester, was June 5th-9th: June 16th-18th, Young Adult Assembly.  Weather noted in a record book at Carter's Chapel says June 18th was hot! On July 13th, Covington District Church School Institute was held at Trinity Church in Latonia. Sunday School offering at Carter's Chapel on July 30th was eight dollars & ninety-one cents.  August 6th, two dollars & eighty-six cents. 130th Session of the KY Annual Conference was August 23rd-27th. September 10th was both hot & cool, according to a Carter's Chapel Sunday School notation. On October 29th, twenty-three were present—the same number as on November 19th.  December 17th listed two in the Primary Class, nine in the Intermediate Boys & Girls, three in the Women, and seven in the Men with officers & teachers also in attendance. 


1951, 91st year. Philip Townley preached every first & third week at Carter's Chapel.  Sunday School classes were at 10:00.  Morning worship was at 11:00 AM, and the pastor's sermon was entitled, Putting God in His Place. According to the bulletin, Sunday, October 21st, 1951, a member joined by transfer from the Kavanaugh Methodist Church. Youth Fellowship was at 7:00 PM; young people were divided into two teams for a Bible quiz on the book of Mark. At 7:30, there was an evangelistic service; the sermon topic was If I Sin.


1952-1953, 92nd year, 93rd year. No data yet.


1954, 94th year. On November 9th, the Methodist Home sent a receipt showing a one-dollar offer  from Carter's Chapel. "... We thank you for the offering & for The kindness that has been shown to our children." the two-cent postcard says.


1955, 95th year. Despite the heat, fifty people were on Sunday School July 17th.  It was cloudy on the 24th.  Hot again, on the 31st ~ Day, the offering was collected for the Orphan Home.  Twenty-one dollars and nineteen cents were taken from the combined Sunday School Classes. August 7th was a warm Sunday.  An offering of thirty-two dollars, twelve cents was recorded by the home in Versailles on a two-cent card postmarked August 13th. The 14th was cool;  21st humid; 28th, warm.  On September 4th, the weather was cool, as was the 11th. Then, there was one child in the Primary Class, three in the Junior, four in the Boys & Girls, twenty-one in the Women's, and seventeen in the Men's, with five officers & teachers present. The 18th was warm; the 25th was cold. The weather for all Sundays in October was cool. Orphan's Home is offering the last Sunday that month: nineteen dollars, forty cents was taken up, with forty-two in attendance. November 6th was a cool day.  On the 13th of the month, there are thirty-nine in classes.  The 20th was a snowy day.  Thirty-seven were present.  It was cool on the 27th.  Forty-five attended classes. December 4th was a cool day.  The 11th was cold.  On the 18th, there were ten children in the Primary Class, six in the Junior, four in the Intermediate Boys & Girls, six in the Women's, and eight in the Men's, with five officers & teachers also present. Christmas Sunday was warm. 


1956, 96th year. January 1st saw fifty-six in Sunday School. On the 8th, the weather was cool; 15th, cold; 22nd, foggy. Orphan's Home offering was on the 29th. Seventeen dollars, forty-five cents was taken up. Thirty-six were present for Sunday School.  February 5th offered twelve dollars, eighty-eight cents, with forty-eight in classes. The 12th & 19th were cloudy days.  The 26th was cool.  Sunday, March 4th, was warm. The weather was cool on the 11th. There was snow on the 18th of that month. The 25th was pretty. Fifty-two were in classes.  April 1st was a warm day. It was snowy, the 7th; warm. the 15th. The 22nd was pretty.  Orphan's Day was the 29th. The weather was clear; Fifty-three were present for Sunday School.   May 6th, 13th, and 20th were warm.  The 27th is cool. Also, June 3rd.  10th & 17th were warm.  It was hot on the 24th.  The weather was warm on the 1st Day of the seventh month, the 8th & 15th.  The 22nd was a rainy day.  Forty-two were in classes.  The 29th was warm, too; thirty-eight were present for Sunday School.  The first two Sundays in August were hot.  Class attendance was in the mid & upper-forties. The 15th was rainy, the 26th warm.  In the second half of that month, the number of people present for Sunday School ranged from upper to mid-thirties. September 5th was a cool day.  Forty-five people came to classes.  The 16th saw fifty-five present.


1957-1959, 97th, 98th, 99th years. No data yet.


1960, 100th year. The children's home received an offering of sixteen dollars on April 20th, according to the three-cent postcard, which still had a route number & town. The county line moved from Pendelton to Grant sometime that year or in those surrounding areas.  It would become Pendelton County again.   "... We thank you for this gift to the children & we appreciate the interest shown ...." C. A. Sweazy, Supt. & Treas.


1961, 101st year. World-Wide Communion Sunday was October 1st. 


1962 through 1967, 102nd-106th years. No data yet.


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